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Wastewater treatment
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  • Collection

    DIN, BS, AWWA, AS, JIS products. Wastewater collection is normally done by means of gravity from domestic households and/or the industry where the wastewater is led to pump stations where it is pumped into the wastewater treatment plants. Rainwater is also collected  in sewers and led either directly to the pump stations or to rainwater storage tanks where it at a later stage will be mixed with the wastewater. However, in many areas rainwater and wastewater are separated and led to the wastewater plants through separated pipes, as the amount of rainwater is unpredictable.

  • Outlet

    DIN, BS, AWWA, AS, JIS products. Before the wastewater is discharged (into a stream, creek, river or the sea) it must be ensured that local legislation is fulfilled with regards to discharge specifications of a number of harmful substances to the environment. In the EU countries, each wastewater treatment plant is obliged to document the content of harmful substances in the discharged wastewater.

  • Treatment

    DIN, BS, AWWA, AS, JIS products. At the wastewater treatment plants, the grease and sand is removed by means of a grease and sand trap to ensure that the equipment in the following processes is not damaged. The wastewater is cleaned in steps where the sludge is separated and often used for biogas production, used either locally by the plant or transported to central biogas plants.